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*NEW* Stress Bundle: EasePro + GastriPro

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    Tension and gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach ulcers, loose manure and colic, often go hand in hand. Do you have a sensitive horse that experiences a lot of stress? Then the Stress Bundle is perfect for you!

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    Krijg 20% EXTRA KASSAKORTING met de code: LOVE-EASE

    "Nightstar is very easily stressed, both on the road and during competitions. This goes hand in hand with wanting to eat poorly. I am currently on holiday to the sea and he is on leave. He is now calm for the first time, both in the stable and in the pasture. >" -Ingrid

    EasePro is a 2-in-1 nutritional supplement based on plant extracts, tryptophan and magnesium to help horses better deal with (internal) unrest and hormonal imbalance.

    While GastriPro helps maintain a good pH value of the stomach, supports healthy manure and contributes to balanced intestinal flora.

    EASEPRO: Plant complex (hops, lemon balm, chamomile, hawthorn), brewer's yeast, extruded soybeans, lithotam, magnesium oxide, rapeseed oil fatty acids.

    Aromas: Aromatic components. Amino acids: L-tryptophan (3c440)

    Crude protein 22.7% / Crude fat 7.3% / Crude fiber 7.4% / Crude ash 28.5% / Calcium 6.2% / Magnesium 5.4% / Sodium 0.2%

    GASTRIPRO: Hydrolyzed yeast, inactivated whole yeast, lithotam, extruded soy.

    Crude protein 35.3% / Crude fat 4.2% / Crude fiber 0.9% / Crude ash 12.5% ​​/ Sodium 0.4%

    Adult horses: 20 to 40 grams per day per supplement

    Horses up to 18 months/ponies: 10 to 20 grams per day.

    The bundles each contain 1.2 kg.

    One scoop contains 20 grams of kibble.

    Sufficient for 30 days.

    Administer daily or on the basis of a 15-day treatment. Mix daily with food or hand-held food.

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    With a lot of stress and restless stomach/intestines

    ✔ For horses that get nervous very quickly
    ✔ In times of stress/exciting times, such as moving to a new stable
    ✔ If you have a horse that shows signs of stress under saddle that could be related to intestinal or stomach problems
    ✔ For horses that have difficulty eating during stressful moments
    ✔ For horses that have thin manure due to stress
    ✔ For colic and intestinal problems due to tension problems

    No chemical mess!

    Avoid chemical unhealthy powders! Our supplements are based on 100% high-quality natural ingredients. In addition, they are also super tasty kibble: a treat for your horse!

    Is your horse going through a stressful period?

    Not all horses cope well with changes in management. Think of going to a competition, clinic, holiday or changing stables. In many horses, the stress then affects the stomach and intestines. Horses then develop complaints such as sensitivity when girthed, thin manure and not wanting to eat. That is why it is nice to provide your horse with extra support during such periods!

    This is what other riders have to say:

    "He now returns to relaxation more easily in stressful situations. In addition, he became a bit angry when he was girthed and his stomach was a bit puffy , but that problem has also been completely resolved!" -Kaylee

    "Mijn 5 jarige dressuurpaard en ik hebben zoveel baat gehad bij deze bundel. Ik rijd weer met plezier en heb weer een heel blij paard. Nico blijft een hoog sensitief paard dus ik voer hem nog elke dag de brokjes. Hij heeft enorm veel energie, dat is gebleven dus de Easepro heeft geen effect op zijn prestaties. Ik ben er heel blij mee." - Maartje

    When Stress Bundle

    For stomach problems and abdominal pain due to stress

    The Stress bundle can be used for horses that are easily tense, nervous and therefore show signs of a sensitive stomach and intestines.

    during stable changes

    Changes in your horse's environment, such as changing stables, can cause a lot of stress. If you also change the ration, your horse's intestinal flora can be completely disrupted. In such moments it is nice to use the Stress bundle.

    exciting moments (such as competitions)

    Many horses find it exciting to go to a new environment, such as a competition or clinic. This is often accompanied by abdominal pain and loose manure. It is nice to support your horse in such moments with the Stress Bundle.

    for loss of appetite during stressful periods

    If your horse has a knot in his stomach from stress, he will sometimes no longer want to eat. However, the problem quickly becomes worse because it affects the stomach and causes stomach ulcers. The Stress bundle helps to maintain a healthy appetite.

    DressagePro Collection

    ''Mijn merrie heeft erg gevoelige darmen en dat uit zich in stress onder het zadel. De afgelopen tijd heb ik de EasePro en de GastriPro gegeven aan mijn merrie Indy. Ben heel erg tevreden met de resultaten. Deze supplementen-combi (Stress Bundel) is heel fijn tijdens het trainen. Ook haar hormonen blijven beter in balans waardoor ze minder heftige symptomen heeft van haar hengstigheid (minder narrig/schrikkerig en geen opgetrokken flank meer tijdens bewegen)!''


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    Yes, that is very possible with the exception of the DetoxPro. The DetoxPro should not be given in combination with the other supplements.

    We recommend doing this in consultation with the vet.

    No extra sugar or starch is added to the supplements. We cannot claim 100% starch and sugar free as there is a chance there may be a small amount in the existing ingredients.

    It is not a medicine and the products are based on natural ingredients, which means it has a slightly longer processing time. Normally you will see the first effects about 7-10 days after starting feeding. This of course depends on other environmental factors that play a role.

    No. EasePro, and the other supplements, are produced in an OQUALIM-STNO certified factory and are suitable as animal feed without GMO <0.9%. It is therefore produced GMO-free.​

    Ordered before 11:45 PM every working day, it will be shipped the same day and most likely delivered the next day. Do you order on Saturday? Your package will then be delivered on Monday.

    You can return the product within 14 days.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Super tevreden

    Ik gebruik sinds maart de bundel easepro en gastripro voor men 14 jarige ruin . Ben er zeer tevreden over . Hij was heel onrustig en we konden zijn hoofd en neus amper aan te raken , hij hapte steeds . Nu kunnen we hem aaien zonder probleem. Is nu veel beter . Echt een goed product

    Erg tevreden

    Deze bundel geprobeerd om mijn ruin te helpen bij de overgang van de seizoenen. Hij is veel relaxter en heeft veel minder last van zijn maag. Kortom zeer tevreden.


    Mijn paard is snel gestresst en erg afgeleid en schrikkerig tijdens het rijden. Daardoor last van maag/darmen. Sinds ik dit voer is hij veel relaxter en veeeel minder afgeleid tijdens het rijden! Moest het voeren wel rustig opbouwen, hij vond het niet gelijk lekker, maar eet het nu goed.

    Voor het eerst rustig zowel op stal als op de wei

    "Mijn paard heeft veel baat bij EasePro en GastriPro. (de Stress Bundel) Nightstar is heel snel gestresseerd , zowel op verplaatsing als op wedstrijd. Dit gaat dan ook samen met slecht willen eten. Momenteel ben ik op vakantie naar zee en is hij mee op verlof. Hij staat nu voor het eerst rustig zowel op stal als op de wei. Maar wat vooral super is dat hij vanaf de eerste dag gewoon alles van voer opeet, terwijl dat de vorige jaren steeds een groot probleem was."

    Lotte D.
    Ben erg tevreden over de resultaten!

    Mijn merrie heeft namelijk gevoelige darmen en dat uit zich in stress onder het zadel. Deze supplementen-combi is heel fijn tijdens het trainen. Ook haar hormonen blijven beter in balans waardoor ze minder heftige symptomen heeft van haar henstigheid (minder narrig/schrikkerig en geen opgetrokken flank meer tijdens bewegen).

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