Avoid Seasonal Change Issues! 5 simple tips

by Deborah Diks on Oct 19, 2021

Voorkom problemen met de seizoenswisseling! 5 eenvoudige tips

Autumn is just around the corner and that always means more risks for the health of your horse because of the transitions. Here are some tips to avoid problems as much as possible.

Ensure a smooth transition from pasture to paddock

Just like in the spring, it is nice to make a transition in food gradually. Where in the spring a surplus of grass can often be a problem, this is a relapse in the autumn (paddock vs. meadow). Of course it is possible that the weather suddenly changes and you cannot prepare. In that case, try to give your horse extra step movement. In the paddock, the horses generally move a lot less than in the pasture, because they are not foraging.

Create a safe environment with sufficient roughage

If you do not offer roughage to your horse or if there is not enough grass on the land, horses can start eating maple leaves. This has life-threatening consequences, because the condition atypical myopathy (fatal muscle disease) is caused by the toxic substance hypoglycine A in maple leaves, germs and seeds. So always pick up maple leaves and seeds from the meadow and paddock and make sure there is always enough roughage to eat.

Give roughage on a sand-free surface

With short grass or with roughage in the paddock there is a risk of sand absorption, which can lead to intestinal problems such as colic and diarrhoea. Try to feed your horse with roughage if there is not enough grass on the land and give him roughage in a sand-free area in the paddock, for example with rubber mats. Can you really not prevent sand absorption? Then regularly give a cure with psyllium seed / psyllium seed.

Keeps the hair in the pastern cavity short

When there is more mud, the risk of skin problems such as mug is more present. When the hairs in the pastern cavity are longer, it stays moist longer in the pastern cavity after spraying the legs. The moisture ensures that the skin becomes a little more tolerable and bacteria can cause problems faster.

Support your horse with seasonal changes

Your horse's liver and kidneys can (especially) use extra support during the seasons. The temperature changes and with it the ration of your horse.

Your horse will also produce its winter coat and hair growth requires a lot of energy. As a result, the condition of your horse can deteriorate and your horse can, for example, suffer from mug, irritated airways, swollen legs or hives. 

The liver and kidneys therefore need extra support to properly cleanse the body. That is why we advise to change the seasons DetoxPro (as a 15-day cure). This supplement supports the cleansing effect of the liver and kidney function. In combination with the GatriPro you also support your horse's digestion. 

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Do you have any other tips? Let us know below!

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