Which supplement can help my horse?

by Deborah Diks on Oct 14, 2021

De DressagePro Supplementen voor paarden

There are various situations in which the addition of a supplement can be a good addition or support. For example, if your horse is very nervous or if your horse could use extra support during a season change or muscle building.

It is good to know that you always use a supplement on top of your current feeding schedule. It never replaces your current roughage and concentrates.

But which supplement can help with your situation?

Below you will find an overview of all 5 supplements to help you optimally support your horse.

#1 DetoxPro (15-day self-cleaning course)

DetoxPro helps your horse to remove waste products. 



✔Supports the self-cleaning ability
✔ Supports the cleansing effect of the liver
✔ Supports kidney function

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#2 GastriPro (digestion and immune system)

GastriPro supports your horse's digestive system. For example, if your horse suffers from thin manure, stomach ulcers or colic, this supplement can help.



✔ To promote digestion and strengthen the intestinal flora
✔ To support acidity (pH) in the stomach
✔ For maintaining optimal weight
✔ At feed change, season change or barn change
✔ Improves the digestion of the roughage
✔ Optimizes feed efficiency
✔ Helps with thin/watery manure
✔ Supports recovery after training
✔ Can also be used for longer periods

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#3 MotionPro (flexible joints)

MotionPro contributes to the movement comfort of your horse.



✔ For lubrication of the joints
✔ For recovery after (heavy) training and / or injury
✔ For stiff muscles
✔ As support for movement discomfort
✔ For sensitive joints and tendons
✔ Under construction of training of young horses
✔ In older horses

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#4 ActivePro (muscle building and recovery)

ActivePro promotes the recovery of your horse. Think, for example, of the build-up or recovery phase in which your horse can use extra support. 



✔ Improves vitality and performance
✔ Supports recovery after strenuous exercise
✔ Contains electrolytes, minerals and vitamins

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#5 EasePro (relaxation and mare behaviour)

EasePro ensures more peace of mind for your horse, without making him drowsy or sluggish. 



✔ In horses with a nervous feeling
✔ During tension / in exciting times
✔ In case of inner unrest
✔ In mares that are in heat/that experience discomfort due to hormones
✔ In horses that are easily irritated and/or irritable
✔ When you know that an exciting event is about to happen

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Benefits DressagePro Supplements

  1. All supplements contain natural and high-quality ingredients 
  2. Handy in chunk form, so no hassle with powders
  3. The components of our supplements are concentrated, functional and easily absorbable. This means you only feed what your horse actually needs.
  4. Quality at an affordable price

And if you have any questions, you can always reach us at!

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