Get more insight into the training and management of your horse.

In the Inspiration Book you keep track of your training sessions for a year

with the handy weekly planner, checks, reports, tips and much more!

#1 Dressage Rider Planning Tool

Already more than 50,000+ riders inspired

220 Pages to keep track of everything

The Inspiration Book is ideal for (dressage) riders

who want to have a better understanding of their training, management, lessons and competitions.
With handy schedules, planners, checklists and tips that you can enjoy for a year. This time the Inspiration Book is even more practical, because it is divided into four quarters!


To keep track of your training schedule, appointments and most important learning moments.


and various other schemes aimed at gaining a better understanding of your management and what can be improved.


but you can also use them for training and clinics if you are not a fanatic competition rider.


that you can fill in together with your trainer for more awareness.


in A4 format that you can use for a year.


Including a checklist for competitions, basic check and an exercise to check how well you score on different exercises.

This is what other riders say about the Inspiration Book

Really an addition!

“I've been using the Inspiration Book for 3 weeks now and I really think it's an addition! Everything is now even clearer for me in training because I notice that this also makes me ride more consistently and I get a better idea of how my horses are doing in training.”

Hannah Otte

I'm very happy with it!

“I am very happy with the inspiration book!! It motivates me to think about my training sessions and how I want to drive to competitions. It's great to quickly look back at how your lesson went, for example!"

Mirjam Westerink

I really like it

“I really like it. I fill it in every time after training. Set new weekly goals and occasionally flip back to my dream goal. I am so much more aware of it.”

Lotte Smith

The inspiration book is very nice

“I especially like the part learning moments and improvements to write down. I also write down nice exercises that I had to ride in class or that I came across and tried on Facebook or in a magazine.”

Evelien ten Asbroek