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    Many horses have a reduced resistance during the winter, and with the new Immunity Box, you offer maximum support to the health of your horse.

    The Immunity Box contains 2 supplements that are fed step by step. First the DetoxPro and then the new supplement: ImmuPro. In addition, you also get 4 healthy treats for your horse for free!

    This is how the Immunity Box works...

    STEP 1 | DetoxPro

    This 15-day Detox course ensures that the waste products of your horse are removed so that your horse maintains a good resistance and does not get sick.

    The DetoxPro has a detoxifying effect and is therefore also very suitable after a worming course or other medication. When the resistance of your horse is lower, he becomes more susceptible to bacteria, viruses and parasites. And then it is important to support the immune system extra. Especially in the winter season, it is more difficult for your horse to keep his resistance on track and to remove his waste products properly.

    STEP 2 | ImmuPro NEW

    After your horse has finished the 15-day Detox course, you start feeding the ImmuPro. With the ImmuPro, you give your horse's resistance an extra boost!

    ImmuPro is a supplement based on natural ingredients. It supports the immune system and increases the resistance of your horse. It is a natural source of, among others, prebiotics and turmeric which gives your horse's overall health a boost. This way, you support your horse's resistance to the maximum and ensure that your horse feels good during the dark days.

    EXTRA | Get 4 healthy treats for free 🎁

    Apple chips | The apple chips are full of valuable vitamin C and B. These horse treats have no artificial additives. Completely natural.

    Banana slices | No horse treats full of added sugars, but dried banana. These treats for your horse are unsweetened.

    Carrot chips | Healthy chips! These carrots are an important source of beta-carotene (part of vitamin A), minerals, vitamins B, C and K.

    Rose hips | Rose hips support the resistance of your horse, the immune system and the growth of the hoof.



    Can I give DetoxPro and ImmuPro in combination with other supplements?

    DetoxPro is a 15-day cure that you cannot combine with other supplements for the best results. After the cure is finished, you start with ImmuPro. ImmuPro can be safely given with other supplements.

    How quickly do the supplements work?

    It is not a medicine and the products are based on natural ingredients, which means it has a slightly longer time to take effect. Normally, you will be able to see the first effects around 7-10 days after starting to feed. Of course, this depends on other environmental factors that are playing a role.

    Can I give DetoxPro and ImmuPro to my pregnant mare?

    No, we advise not to do this. Curcuma, an ingredient in ImmuPro and DetoxPro, can be harmful to pregnant mares. ImmuPro is suitable for mares who have just had a foal to give the foal, through mother's milk, a boost to the immune system.

    Do the supplements contain GMO-soy?

    No. The supplements are produced in an OQUALIM-STNO certified factory and are suitable as feed without GMO <0.9%. It is therefore produced GMO-free.

    Has there been cooperation with nutrition specialists?

    The supplements were developed by Natural'Innov who have a lot of specialized knowledge in-house, but in addition, they have also worked with specialists from outside.

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