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    Does your horse have less resistance? Then support the immune system with ImmuPro!

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    On a natural basis
    100% doping free
    Handy pellets for 30-60 days
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    "It works, he doesn't cough and he also sheds faster.." - Hannah Otte


    ImmuPro is a supplement based on natural ingredients. It supports the immune system and increases your horse's resistance.

    It is a natural source of prebiotics and turmeric, which supports the health of your horse and also has a positive effect on your horse's intestinal function.

    Yeast cell walls (MOS and Beta-glucans) turmeric, extruded soybeans, rapeseed oil fatty acids

    Additives (per kg): Bentonite (1m558), Anti-caking agent

    Adult horses: 20 to 40 grams per day.

    Horses up to 18 months / ponies: 10 to 20 grams per day.

    The package contains 1.2 kg.

    One scoop contains 20 grams of kibble.

    Sufficient for 30 to 60 days.

    Administer daily or on the basis of a 15-day treatment. Daily through the food or feeding by hand

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    For a healthy immune system

    ✔ To increase and support resistance
    ✔ To give horses that are not feeling well an extra boost
    ✔ For dry/sensitive skin
    ✔ In horses that are susceptible to laminitis
    ✔ To promote the transfer of immunity from mare to foal
    ✔ During seasonal changes or storage changes
    ✔ After medication, vaccination and/or deworming
    ✔ If mycotoxins are suspected in hay, silage, straw, etc.

    No chemical mess!

    Avoid chemical unhealthy powders! Our supplements are based on 100% high-quality natural ingredients. In addition, they are also super tasty kibble: a treat for your horse!

    If resistance is low, your horse may suffer from complaints

    If your horse has a weak immune system, he becomes more susceptible to all kinds of nasty bacteria, viruses and parasites. Consider complaints such as respiratory problems or skin problems such as muggy. That is why it is so important to ensure strong resistance!

    This is what other riders have to say about ImmuPro

    "I give ImmuPro in the fall to keep the resistance up. She is now sitting super nice for the first time and thin in her coatin the winter. And I didn't have a blanket on until November!" - Simone

    When ImmuPro

    With less resistance

    If resistance is lower, your horse can become ill. ImmuPro is full of Beta-Glucanenes that help to support your horse's immune system.

    After medication or worm treatment

    Medication or a worm cure can be an attack on the immune system, but that is of course no reason not to treat your horse. ImmuPro supports resistance after periods of medication.

    for skin complaints

    ImmuPro is very suitable for horses that quickly suffer from skin problems such as soreness, bumps or sensitive skin.

    to give horses an extra boost

    By boosting resistance, your horse becomes less susceptible to unpleasant ailments. Even horses that are not feeling well can often use a boost!

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    No more hassle with powders or liquid supplements


    Yes, that is very possible with the exception of the DetoxPro. The DetoxPro should not be given in combination with the other supplements.

    Because of the turmeric, we recommend that you only do this in consultation with the vet. GastriPro is a nice and safe alternative for pregnant mares.

    No extra sugar or starch is added to the supplements. We cannot claim 100% starch and sugar free as there is a chance there may be a small amount in the existing ingredients.

    It is not a medicine and the products are based on natural ingredients, which means it has a slightly longer processing time. Normally you will see the first effects about 10 days after starting feeding. This of course depends on other environmental factors that play a role.

    No. All our supplements are produced in an OQUALIM-STNO certified factory and are suitable as animal feed without GMO <0.9%. It is therefore produced GMO-free.​

    Ordered before 11:45 PM every working day, it will be shipped the same day and most likely delivered the next day. Do you order on Saturday? Your package will then be delivered on Monday.

    You can return the product within 14 days.

    Customer Reviews

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    Hannah O.
    Top product

    Navajo is een 28jarige kwpner met chronische luchtweginfecties elk jaar als het weer van winter naar lente/zomer gaat heeft hij het onwijs moeilijk met zijn luchtwegen. Ik gaf hem dan altijd prednison wat hem redelijk goed hielp, maar is natuurlijk niet heel gezond. Toen de immupro online kwam dacht ik ik ga het gewoon eens proberen wie weet doet het wat voor hem. En echt ik ben na al die supplementen echt wel sceptisch, maar het werkt hij hoest niet en gaat ook nog eens sneller door zijn verharing heen. Dus dit jaar gelukkig geen prednison voor hem.

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