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MotionPro is a 100% natural source of chondroitin sulfate and antioxidants/anti-inflammatory ingredients, including turmeric, which contribute to the movement comfort of horses.


✔ For oiling of the joints
✔ For recovery after (heavy) training and / or injury
✔ For stiff muscles
✔ As support for movement discomfort
✔ For sensitive joints and tendons
✔ To support younger horses in training
✔ For older horses

MotionPro is a doping-free supplement derived from a highly concentrated, natural formula.


Adult horses: 20 grams per day (maintenance) or 40 grams per day (boost).
Horses up to 18 months / ponies: 10 grams per day (maintenance) or 20 grams per day (boost).

The package contains 600 grams. 1 scoop contains 20 grams of chunks.

In case of heavy exertion or problems, 1.5 times the boost dose may be given.

Directions for use: Mix daily with the feed.

Sufficient for 30 days.


Glucosamine produced by fermentation, lithotam, extruded soybeans, turmeric, bamboo, extruded linseed, Equisetum, seaweed extract (Ulva lactuca, Fucus Vesiculosus), maltodextrin and sodium hyaluronate.

Aromas: Aromatic components

Crude protein 10.4%
crude fat 7.4%
Crude fiber 4.4%
Crude ash 34.7%
Calcium 6.7%
Sodium <0.2%


Can I give the MotionPro in combination with other supplements?

Yes, that is very possible with the exception of the DetoxPro. That supplement should not be given in combination with the other supplements.

Can I give the MotionPro to my pregnant mare?

No, we advise not to do this. Turmeric, a component in the DetoxPro and the MotionPro, can be harmful to pregnant mares. In the spring we will launch a supplement that is suitable for mares that have just foaled, to give the foal a boost of the immune system via breast milk.

Do the supplements contain GMO soy?

No. The supplements are produced in an OQUALIM-STNO certified factory and are suitable as a non-GMO feed <0.9%.
It is therefore produced GMO-free.​

Has there been collaboration with nutrition specialists?

The supplements were developed by Natural'Innov, who already have a great deal of specialist knowledge, but they have also worked with outside specialists.

Is there a lot of sugar/starch in the supplements?

No extra sugar or starch is added to the supplements. We cannot claim 100% that it is starch and sugar free because there is a chance that there is a small amount in the existing ingredients (like yeast and turmeric for example).