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DetoxPro - 15-day course

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Daily, our horses come into contact with bacteria, fungi, toxins, and environmental pollution. Additionally, factors such as vaccinations, worm treatments, or medication can put extra strain on the body, causing toxins to build up. Removing these toxins is important to maintain the horse's resistance and prevent illness. However, not all horses are capable of getting rid of all toxins on their own, so it's recommended to provide support through a supplement that helps with the "big cleaning".

DetoxPro is a supplement based on natural plant extracts that supports the cleansing function of the liver and kidneys. It can be used for all horses, but is particularly recommended for horses that are sensitive to laminitis, after medical treatment, or for sport horses. It is also recommended as a 15-day course during the transition from and to the grazing season.

DetoxPro benefits:

  • Supports the self-cleansing ability
  • Supports the cleansing function of the liver
  • Supports kidney function


Boost (15-day course): 40 grams per day (horse) or 20 grams per day (pony) Maintenance dosage (max. 6 months): 20 grams per day (horse) or 10 grams per day (pony)


Mix daily with feed.

The package contains 600 grams. 1 scoop contains 20 grams of pellets.

Sufficient for a 15-day course.


A combination of plant extracts (boldo, turmeric, milk thistle, fennel, garlic, coltsfoot, artichoke, goldenrod, turnip, neem, ajowan, cat's tail, Kalmegh) 20%, yeast, extruded soybeans, lithothamnium, sorbitol, sodium chloride, and sunflower oil.

Raw protein 17.9% Raw fat 6.2% Raw fiber 8% Raw ash 23.4% Insoluble ash in HCI 2.7% Sodium 2.1%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I give DetoxPro in combination with other supplements?

No, do not give DetoxPro in combination with other supplements! It is recommended to first give the 15-day course and then continue with other supplements. Other supplements can be given together.

Can I give DetoxPro to my pregnant mare?

No, we advise against this. Turmeric, an ingredient in DetoxPro and MotionPro, can be harmful to pregnant mares. We will release a supplement in the spring that is suitable for mares that have just given birth to support the foal's development via the milk.

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