DressagePro Collection
DressagePro Collection

Nice! Tell me more about the friends program and Ekilink

DressagePro is affiliated with Ekilink , a program that gives you unique links that you can share with your followers on your social media channel or website. Every time someone buys something through your unique links, you get a commission. That is of course a bonus.

And the nice thing is, Ekilink is for everyoneWhether you are already a well-known influencer or just starting out. Our affiliate program is accessible to anyone who enjoys influencing!

How does it work?

It's super simple! You can register yourself as an influencer for FREE at Ekilink and then you will receive links that you can share (in a cool Instagram story for example)
Does someone click on that link and make a purchase? Then you will receive a commission (in euros) from us as a thank you. That's nice and easy, right?! And we are also very happy with that because we have another customer!
It actually doesn't matter where you share the link... In your Instagram stories, on your Facebook, your website, in a newsletter, YouTube or even in a WhatsApp group. The options are endless and anyone can participate as an influencer!

Yes, I want to participate too!

Great that you are interested! Participating is completely free and super easy.
You can register very easily via this link