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Many horses have a reduced immunity during the winter. When a horse's immunity is low, they become more susceptible to illness and other ailments, such as mud fever. Therefore, it is important to give your horse an extra boost to their immune system.

ImmuPro is a supplement based on natural ingredients. It supports the immune system and increases the resistance of your horse. It is a natural source of prebiotics and turmeric, which supports the health of your horse and also has a positive effect on your horse's digestive function.

Benefits of ImmuPro:

✔ To increase and support resistance

✔ To give extra boost to horses that are not feeling well

✔ For dry/sensitive skin

✔ For horses that are susceptible to laminitis

✔ To promote immunity transfer from mare to foal

✔ During seasonal or stabling changes

✔ After medication, vaccination, and/or deworming

✔ In case of suspicion of mycotoxins in hay, straw, etc.

ImmuPro is a doping-free supplement and derived from a highly concentrated, natural formula.


Adult horses: 20 grams per day (maintenance) or 40 grams per day (boost). Horses up to 18 months / ponies: 10 grams per day (maintenance) or 20 grams per day (boost).

The package contains 1.2 kilograms. 1 measuring spoon contains 20 grams of pellets.

In heavy exertion or problems, 1.5 times the boost dosage can be given.


Mix daily with feed.

Sufficient for 30 days.


Yeast cell walls (MOS and Beta-glucans), turmeric, extruded soybeans, sunflower oil fatty acids

Additives (per kg): Bentonite (1m558), Anticlumping agent


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I give ImmuPro in combination with other supplements?

Yes, that is possible with the exception of DetoxPro. It should not be given in combination with other supplements.

How quickly do the supplements work?

It is not a medication and the products are based on natural ingredients, so it has a slightly longer onset time. Normally, you will see the first effects around 7-10 days after starting to feed. Of course, this depends on other environmental factors that play a role.

Can I give ImmuPro to my pregnant mare?

No, we advise against this. Turmeric, a component of ImmuPro, can be harmful to pregnant mares. The supplement is suitable for mares that have just had a foal to support the foal, via the milk...


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